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If claims about results from using this product or if claims about income or earnings resulting from the use of this product are made, such claims are true for the persons who made the claims, including claims made by the Seller about its own experience with the product.

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Our earning disclaimer includes the following terms of use:

We make every possible effort to ensure that all earnings are accurately represented. Earnings and income statements we made are estimates only, and we cannot possibly guarantee income levels.

As with any type of business, your results may vary based on your own capacity for completing the tasks, your work ethic, your level of desire, your ability to stay focused and motivated, and even external factors that could be out of your control.

We cannot guarantee that past results can be duplicated, nor can we guarantee you will have the same results as we have had, or that other buyers may have.

Your use of our information should be based on your own due diligence. Our company is not liable for the failure of your business, whether directly or indirectly related to your purchase, our course(s), or other product(s).


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JacG (pronounced "Jack Gee") is the acronym for our company name: Josserand Ace ConsultinG™

We've been doing internet marketing and training for all aspects thereof, since 1998.

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